Toru Asuka
Character Info
Kanji Name 飛鳥 享
Romanji Name Asuka Toru
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 8th
Blood Type A
Team Yoin Academy
Position Defender, Libero
Number 5
First Appearance
Voice Actor
Voiced By Yoshihisa Kawahara

Toru Asuka (飛鳥 享 Asuka Toru?) is known as the No.1 Defender in Kanagawa and current captain for Yoin Academy's soccer team. Having been selected for Japan's U-16, U-17, and U-19 national team, he possesses both skills and experience that accurately reflects his impressive records. No matter if it's on or off the field, Asuka is usually very composed and analytical, traits that allow him to see through and foil his opponents' attacks. He is a vital member of Yoin Academy's soccer team not only for his strong defense but also his leadership.



Asuka's Apartment

In Vol 13 of the manga, we find out that Asuka is born into a family of doctors. Because his father has seen many athletes, Asuka was told he didn't have the talents to become a professional soccer player. Still, Asuka wanted to play soccer and went against his parents' wishes of succeeding the hospital. In turn, he had to move out of home and took residence in an apartment. He filled his room with fitness equipment so that he can train at any time. Before becoming a stronghold for Yoin Academy , Asuka, along with Takajo suffered a humilitating defeat against Suguru's team. Although they were leading until near the end, Suguru came in the last ten minutes and overturned the match with two goals and one assist. According to Asuka, this experienced made him determined to become a professional soccer player.



Asuka possesses dark hair and eyes. During his training in the Yokohama Youth Team, he stated that he was 175 cm tall. It is safe to assume that he's either 175 cm or taller now. He has a fit physique, the result of his rigorous training as a defender.

He is usually seen in the Yoin Academy's soccer jersey, which consists of mostly black and red colors.


Asuka is always very calm and analytical. He is a strategist who's quick to see through other's plans and retailate with a counterattack of his own. During moments of crisis, he leads the team with a sense of security and plans out the steps for victory. His leadership is not only recognized by this own teammates, but also by other players including the Enoshima team.

Because he was deemed to not possess the talents for soccer, he trained hard to compensate for it. Within his dorm, he brought various training equipments so he could train at anytime. Due to this, he takes pride in his abilities. It was also revealed that he possesses a more caring side. In a flashback, when Onimaru rebelled initally against the Yoin coach, Asuka took Onimaru back to his dorm and gave him a sincere talk that inspired Onimaru to work harder.


Asuka's position is libero (sweeper), what is kind of more moving centre back. He uses his position so he can cover his teams goalkeeper when opponents forward has broken trough the defence line.