Suguru Aizawa
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Kanji/Kana 逢沢 傑
Rōmaji Aizawa Suguru
Also Known As Savior of Japan Football
Gender Male
Birthday October 1st
Blood Type O
Relatives Kakeru Aizawa (younger brother)
Mito Aizawa (younger sister)
Mamoru Aizawa (father)
Eiko Aizawa (mother)
School Kamakura Middle School
Team(s) Kamakura Middle Soccer Club
Position Midfielder (Captain)
Number 10
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Brothers
Anime Debut Episode 1: I Like Soccer!
Seiyū Jun Fukuyama
Motoko Kumai (child)
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Suguru Aizawa (逢沢 傑 Aizawa Suguru?) was Aizawa Kakeru's older brother and was revered as the savior of Japanese football before his tragic death in a fatal car accident that also involved his younger brother. Because he became brain dead and his heart was still beating, Suguru's heart was transplanted to Kakeru,who had a metal pipe lodged in his heart, so that he could live. In the process of Kakeru's heart transplant, Suguru made his "last pass" to Kakeru along with his unfulfilled dream of winning the world cup.


Suguru established his status as a football prodigy as young as the age of twelve. Since then, he has always worn the number 10 and was considered the ace of his team. When he was young, he, Kakeru, and Nana (nicknamed Seven) played on the same team. Before Nana left for US, the three of them made a promise to all become national representatives of Japan.


Compared to Kakeru, Suguru's features are much sharper and developed. He has dark gray eyes and spikey hair that points outward in all direction. Even though he is only one year older than Kakeru, Suguru appears to be significantly taller.


Suguru is often portrayed as a strict and calm leader in football matches. His teammates often look to him for guidance in developing strategies. According to Kakeru, It seems like he is never fazed by anything. However, deep down, Suguru is deeply bothered by all the pressure and the future for Japan's football, so much that he often would have nightmares because of it.

As a brother, Suguru is very caring but, nonetheless, tough on Kakeru. Because of his high expectation of Kakeru, Suguru will not go easy on his younger brother nonetheless. But behind Suguru's tough exterior, is his genuine hope for Kakeru to become a great football player.



Central midfielders play various roles on the field of play, and are probably the most important in terms of setting up attacks. Their position enables them to have an all-round view of the match, and as most of the action takes place in and around their area of the pitch, midfielders often exert the greatest degree of control over how a match is played. This section of the field is often known as a team's "engine room", because great teams rarely succeed without adept, commanding central midfield.


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