Ryouma Oda
Oda profile
Character Info
Kanji Name 織田 涼真
Romanji Name Oda Ryouma
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12/02
Blood Type A
Title Performer
Team Enoshima High School
Position Midfielder
Number 4, 10(SC)
First Appearance
Voice Actor

Ryouma Oda (織田 涼真 Oda Ryouma?) is originally a midfielder and the ace "10" from Enoshima SC. After the birth of Enoshima's official football team, he became a defensive midfielder titled the "Performer" (Regista) because he is the attacking origin that holds everybody together.



Becoming the Performer

It is said that before his injury, Oda was playing as an attacking midfielder in the Youth Team. During a match, Hyoudo's sliding tackle injuried his knee and causing him to be disqualified from the team. It was then that Coach Kondou from Enoshima appeared and offered Oda the position to become a defensive midfielder, otherwise known as the "Performer", or "Regista". Although Oda was initially hesitant to switch position because of his injury, Coach Kondou managed to convince him by comparing the Performer to the game Igo. He told Oda that just like Igo, the performer gets to observe the entire field and hone their judgement.

Character Outline



Oda is a little taller than average human and his hair is always combed in the same way. Usually he wears glasses but when he plays football, he takes them away.


Oda is a very serious and strict player who does not take jokes very well. He gets easily annoyed and angered by others' antics, especially Araki when he gains weight from overindulging in unhealthy food. It is shown that Oda is a fair and forgiving person. Even though Hyoudou was the one who injured his knee and made him miss the chances to go to the national, he doesn't hold any grudge.


Ryuuichi Araki

Oda is often annoyed about how Araki lets himself become fat and frequently uses violence to release his anger. Oda still believes in Araki's skills as football player.


Started as a No. 10 the fantasista or advance playmaker, but later set on a more defensive role of a leader. He controls the game making long passes and giving orders to his teammates




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