Mai Murasaki

Kanji/Kana 群咲 舞衣
Rōmaji Murasaki Mai
Also Known As
Gender Female
Birthday December 24
Blood Type
Occupation High School Student
Player, Announcer
Relatives Unnamed Father
School Tokyo Shuukyuu Academy High
Team(s) Tokyo Shuukyuu Academy High
Nadeshiko Japan
Position Forward / Midfielder
Number 18
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 99: Start of the Game
Anime Debut Episode 14: The Mythical Feint
Seiyū Saori Sudou
Image Gallery

Mai Murasaki (群咲 舞衣 Murasaki Mai?) is a student of Tokyo Shuukyuu Academy High, and a member of Nadeshiko Japan. While she tends to have a rivalry with teammate Nana Mishima, she takes an interest on Kakeru Aizawa.



Mai begging her father not to come.

So far, Mai's background has been relatively unknown. However, it is revealed that she is often in conflict with her father. As a result , she went to Brazil around the age of 9 when she couldn't even speak Portuguese. It is hinted that Leonardo Silva took care of her during that time, explaining their close relationship and her Ginga style of soccer. Her complicated relationship with her father may explain her personality and need for attention. She has expressed her desires to be famous and earn a lot of money in order to prove to herself to her father.



Murasaki Mai

Mai has brown eyes and platinum blond hair usually tied up at the back. She made her first appearance in the anime wearing pink shorts and a white tank top. She is noted to be cute and is consider to be idol level along with Mishima Nana in Nadeshiko Japan.


When Mai first appeared, she seems to be a bit childish and spoiled. She wanted Nana's position as below top and attempted to score goals by herself.

Mai swimsuit

She became easily depressed when she is unable to score a goal or others taking away the attention. Eventually, her competitive and strong personality became a strong turnoff factors to the other Nadeshiko Japan members. However, after accidentally listening on to Kakeru and Nana's discussion about she is a key factor to Nadeshiko Japan's victory, she began to soften up and blend in with the rest of the members. [1] While she is still competitive, she now passes the ball to her teammates when needed and cheers other on.

Outside of matches, Mai is very outspoken and bold. More than once, she would tease Kakeru with her advances. Most of the time, she is always seen with a bright smile on her face. Later on, Kakeru noted that it might just be her way of covering up her loneliness after he saw her secretly crying. [2]

Little Devil


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  • She was voted in 5th place in the Best Popular Character poll twice

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