Lee Chu-Joon
Lee akitoshi

Kanji/Kana 李 秋俊
Rōmaji Li Akitoshi (Lee Chu-Joon)
Also Known As
Gender Male
Birthday November 25
Blood Type AB
Occupation High School Student (Graduate)
School Enoshima High School (former)
Team(s) Enoshima FC (former)
U-22 Korea
Position Goalkeeper
Number 18 (Enoshima SC)
1 (Enoshima FC, U-22)
Status Alive
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Seiyū Hiroaki Miura
Image Gallery

Lee Chu-Joon (李 秋俊 Lee Akitoshi?) was Enoshima FC's goalkeeper until he graduated from Enoshima High School in the Area no Kishi series.

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