Tenacity to Win
Kanji/Kana 勝利への執念
Rōmaji Shouri he no Shuunen
Air Date June 23, 2012
Story Arc
Opening Higher Ground
Ep23: Desperate Situation Ep25: Fierce Battle!! Finale
List of Episodes

Tenacity to Win (勝利への執念 Shouri he no Shuunen?) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Area no Kishi anime. It aired on June 23, 2012.


Enoshima realize Asuka countered Kakeru's shot and sent it towards Onimaru who scored the goal. Just when Kakeru was about to give up, Suguru's personality takes over.

Within the mental plane, Kakeru recalls the time when Suguru returned from representing Japan abroad; in time to witness Kanagawa Middle School losing to Yokohama 2-0. With approximately 13 minutes left until the game ends, Kakeru says "There's still a chance, but..." Suguru cuts him off and asked "How will you defeat them?" "Since we can't score there's no chance of winning." There are two moments of when the game is decided: one is when the referee blows the whistle, and the other is when the players on the losing team have given up on scoring." Kakeru not knowing on what he should do, Suguru advices, "Just watch, and I'll show you".

At that moment, Kakeru feels as if he's running around the pitch with his brother, while pulling the rest of Enoshima along with his play back in reality. Araki feels as if Suguru is the one making eye contact with him, he then rushes out to the open space where Kakeru passes the ball to him, and ties the game (3-3) with only 4 minutes to spare.


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List of Episodes
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