Enoshima Soccer Club Reborn
Kanji/Kana 新生江ノ高サッカー部
Rōmaji Shinnamae no Kou Sakkābu
Air Date March 24, 2012
Story Arc
Opening Higher Ground
Episode 11 Episode 13
List of Episodes

Enoshima Soccer Club Reborn (新生江ノ高サッカー部 Shinnamae no Kou Sakkābu?) is the twelfth episode of the Area no Kishi anime. It aired on March 24, 2012.


Kakeru continues to try and get the FC and SC to reunite. His first attempt is by having some SC members come and join them with a stadium practice that Coach Iwaki has arranged without any of their knowledge. The leaders of SC, Ryoma Oda, Yugi Sawamura, and Go Kaiouji, show up but do not attend. To demonstrate this, Coach Kondou decides to reveal a few secrets about Iwaki. At first they refuse to rejoin him because of Araki's slack attitude, but Kondou explains Iwaki allowed Araki to keep his weight and forced him to play in matches; his extra weight will strain and improve his cardiovascular systems while his exhaustion will give him a natural incentive to lose weight.

Coach Iwaki has arranged an exhibition against Kamakura College. The FC gets two early goals and goes up 2-0, but then Kamakura begins playing for real. Through the game the SC members slowly begin to realize that Iwaki's idea of practice comes through an individual's own self discovery, and that can only occur sometimes through their own practice.

Accepting Iwaki's coaching style, SC rejoins the club where afterwards, the bench player for Inter-High is revealed, and Kakeru showing off his new uniform for his family members and his brother.


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