The new enoshima soccer club

The Enoshima High School Soccer Club (江ノ島高校サッカー部 Enoshima Koukou Sakka Bu?) is the soccer club Kakeru Aizawa and Nana Mishima enrolled after graduating from Kamakura Middle School.


There were two types of soccer clubs in Enoshima High School before they merged as one; the FC (Football Club) coached by Teppei Iwaki, and the SC (Soccer Club) coached by Masakatsu Kondou. Both teams competed against each other to become the school's representative, until Kakeru and the others joined the school's representative match. The match was splendid enough to make both coaches reconsider their differences, joining both soccer teams into one official team.


  • The FC uses the [3-5-2] style to keep the ball in the center, giving opportunities from various position changes to opening breakthroughs. After Araki returned, the formation changed to the [4-4-2] style with the strategies remaining the same.
  • The SC uses the basic [3-5-2] style, with 5 irregulars positioned for a retractable defense formation that grips onto long passes and corner sides to counter back at the opponent.
  • After the merge of both teams, they focus on the [2-5-3] formation fto be on the more offensive while making various strategies through key position changes.





Standing Eleven Formations

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